Monday, October 5, 2009

The need for CME

Here's another article from "the last psychiatrist" on CME:

Another insightful article, but pretty cynical!

But here are some of my opinions on this one:

1) I think that, without formalized CME documentation requirements, there would be some doctors who would fall farther and farther behind in understanding current trends of practice, current research evidence, etc.
2) In the education of intelligent individuals, I have long felt that process is much more important than content. A particular article with accompanying quiz is bound to convey a certain biased perspective. It is my hope that most professionals are capable of understanding and resisting such biases. In this modern age, I do think that most of us have a greater understanding of bias, of being "sold" something. Anyway, I think that the process of working through such an article is a structure to contemplate a particular subject, and perhaps to raise certain questions or a debate in one's mind about it, to reflect further upon, or to research further, later on. Yet, I agree that there are many psychiatrists who might be more easily swayed in a non-critical manner, by a biased presentation of information. The subsequent quiz, and the individual's high marks on the quiz, become reinforcers for learning biased information.
3) After accurately critiquing a problem, we should then move on and try to work together to make more imaginative, creative educational programs which are stimulating, enjoyable, fair, and as free of bias as possible.

I think this concludes my little journey through this other blog. While interesting, I find it excessively cynical. It reminds me of someone in the back seat of my car continuously telling me--accurately, and perhaps even with some insightful humour--all the things I'm doing wrong. Maybe I need to hear this kind of feedback periodically--but small doses are preferable! Actually, I find my own writing at this moment becoming more cynical than I want it to be.

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