Monday, May 4, 2009

Direct personal requests for help

I encourage all of you who might be searching for help, waiting for help, or struggling with existing help, to be patient, to be brave, to hold onto hope.

At times I have had some direct personal requests for help from individuals who are not currently my patients. I feel that I have to stick to a policy of not being able to respond directly to such requests, as I feel that a direct response would, for me, cause me to feel a professional duty to maintain ongoing care.

But, once again, I do encourage all those who are struggling to hold on, to be patient, to be brave, to be open-minded about your options for new things to try, to hold onto hope.

For those in the Vancouver area, I remind you of some of the local resources:
If local resources are failing to keep you afloat, please keep an open mind about using emergency services, such as the local hospital emergency rooms.

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