Friday, August 8, 2008

Music & Repetition

Life is full of repetition.

Life problems, including many of those associated with depression, involve a lot of repetition, and monotony.

Symptoms recur. Relationship problems recur. Problematic themes recur.

We often seek to end the repetition.

Sometimes it is necessary to end the repetitive cycles, if we can see them.

Other times, I think one can work with repetition in a similar way as occurs in music.

Music is repetitious. The rhythm or beat may be constant. Various accompaniments may be the same throughout. Themes within a piece of music may continuously recur. Without some degree of repetition, a musical piece would seem confusing or aimless. Changes, colourations, variations, and harmonies can transform monotonous repetition into a beautiful and dynamic composition. Repetition itself may not be the problem.

I encourage the idea of managing some recurrent life themes in a musical way --your repetitive theme could be part of a meaningful composition. Also, a musical approach may permit you to work through the old theme, say goodbye to it, and introduce something new.

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